Ecommerce website SEO is all about optimizing a business website using highly ranking and competitive keywords. Nowadays, appearing on the first page of search engines isn’t enough. You need to rank at number one to enjoy all the privileges that come with it. If your competitors are enjoying the top post, you are not doing enough.

You will need advanced ecommerce website SEO tips to make all the difference. Impressions, clicks, and sales don’t just happen. A tactical ecommerce SEO strategy is all you need to put in place and everything else will fall into place.

The following are 7 most effective e commerce website SEO tips for business owners:

Keyword Research

Before anything else, you need to conduct a keyword research. Why? So that you don’t end up using the wrong keywords, but ones that are relevant to your brand. Remember to avoid keyword stuffing because search engines algorithms find it manipulative and can be penalized.

Conduct SEO Audit

You can only find out what is ailing your ecommerce website through a thorough website inspection. You could for example start by finding out which pages attract more traffic and which ones don’t. Are there any broken links somewhere? What of content? Is it up-to-date? Is your ecommerce website design easy to navigate or mobile friendly? An audit will enable you to refine or readjust your SEO strategies for improved results.

Build Links

The word here is quality links. Your ecommerce website will thrive with inbound links from authoritative sites. Links from low ranking sites are a waste of time. There is much to gain from quality reversal traffic and that is why you should not compromise the quality of your links. It is easy to earn quality links from ranking authority sites through offering something valuable in return like offering to write a guest post.

What Are Your Competitors Up To?

If your competitors are doing better than you, you need to learn their tricks. There is nothing wrong with finding out what your competitors are doing, as long as you don’t invade or compromise their space. What is there to find about your competitors? Start by finding out the kind of keywords they are using (you can easily do this using a tool like free Moz toolbar). Also, where are their inbound links from? How does their overall website architecture look or feel like? In doing this, you may find a thing or two to apply in your website.

Add a Review Strategy

It helps a lot when target customers find positive information from other customers on first hand experience with your products or services. Enabling your customers to leave a review on your products page could, therefore, go a long way in increasing your sales. It’s a good way of legitimizing a website.

Create and Optimize More Product Pages

Creating a page for every product category offered by your business makes it easy to target audiences for every category. Include relevant links and keywords in each product page content. While doing this, avoid mixing up keywords or using similar keywords in several pages as this may confuse search engines leading to low ranking. Use a spreadsheet to list keywords for every page to avoid repetition.

Utilize Available SEO Tools

It is not possible to run a successful ecommerce SEO website without the help of various SEO tools. Also, not all tools pass the credibility test, more reason why you should only rely on tested and approved tools. A few examples of trusted SEO tools include Google AdWords Keyword Tool, SEOmoz Keyword Tool, Screaming Frog, Ubersuggest, among others.

Bottom Line

The whole point of optimizing a site is to grow the number of sales. An optimized ecommerce website guarantees quality traffic and repeated sales, something you shouldn’t miss out on especially if your competitors are working as hard. Once you are done incorporating various SEO strategies into your ecommerce website, don’t forget to keep tabs on algorithm changes and updates from various search engines like Google.

When it comes to boosting sales, your time and dedication matters. Can’t do anything on your own? Get in touch with professional SEO strategists for help and get your site booming with traffic that converts.