Consumer attitude has changed over time to accommodate to the evolving technologies in modern era. Today, most of the people search in the internet to find their necessary business. According to Adaptive marketing, in 2017, 97% of people searched online to find businesses near them. if you want to grow your business in online then you need a website otherwise you are not able to appear online. But still, the question is why you need a website. let’s talk about importance of a website for your business:

1. Digital Business Card

Most people, on average 2.3.6 hours online each week and nearly 5 hours every day on their mobile device. So, You need to insert your business information on an accessible place. A website Acts like a digital business card for a company.

2. Your customer expects it

Your customer expects you to have a website where they find your business information As for you, Your website can help to grow your business.

3. You can Reach new customers

When you have a website then you can reach to more new customers. if you want to show the world that you take your business seriously then it is time to invest in a professional website. according to a study, 50% of online users accepted to judge company’s credibility based on it is website’s design.

4. Your website is Open 24 hours online

Unlike your business, which most likely does not open or operates with customers after-hours, your website stays open 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. This means that when your staff are not able to interact with people looking to do business with you but your website is accessible and provides helpful information.

5.You can attract mobile customer

In this modern era, 85% of people used mobile for their needs. So, people can reach you through mobile by the website.

If you start a local business it’s important for you to have a potential online, social and mobile marketing strategy. And the best place to start – or even refresh – is your website. With a well-designed, optimized site you can reach a new audience of potential leads who can not only become your customers but who may become loyal ambassadors for your brand.